Re: Confirming E-access dates Cynthia Adamo 02 Nov 2010 18:03 UTC

This whole issue of trying to determine the access we actually have to our
electronic journal titles is definitely frustrating.

This is an issue I face, which I would love some advice/input on:

Once I find out the information listed on my A-to-Z list of ejournals is
incorrect - then what should I do?

I can manually change it myself on our A-to-Z admin site, but I've been told
by our vendor that once I enter "custom holdings" onto a title, they'll no
longer continue to update our holdings, (which they would otherwise do,
whenever publishers send them updates).

So if I do enter a manual change, it becomes my responsibility to stay on
top of this title and make sure I'm aware of any future changes in
coverage... which kind of defeats one of the benefits of working with a
subscription vendor.

Should I make a request that the vendor change the dates each time I find a
discrepancy, and then wait for the changes to be made?

What are you folks doing in this situation, if you're ever faced with it?

Thanks for any input you can send!

Take care,

On Tue, 2 Nov 2010 16:17:54 +0000, Skwor, Jeanette <skworj@UWGB.EDU> wrote:

>Daniel said:
>Your best bet is to go into the interface for the journal and see what you
can get into.
>I do this consistently.  In fact, it's how the situation came up, in that I
regularly have different access than we think we have or should have or SFX
states we have.
>So . . . you accept whatever is there until it changes, then accept that?
>And believe me, you don't sound any more pessimistic than I feel!  15 or so
years of serials librarianship does strengthen the skeptical muscle.  :-)
>Jeanette Skwor