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Letters of Support for Expanding NIH Open Access Policy to All Major US Federal Funders Stevan Harnad 27 Mar 2011 15:02 UTC

Alliance for Taxpayer Access has links to the three websites where OA
supporters are urged to press for extension of the expansion of the
NIH OA policy to other US federal funding agencies:

(I've just posted the text below to all three websites. To help help
OA grow sooner rather than later, please do post your own support


I strongly urge extending the NIH Public Access Policy to all federal
funding agencies (as proposed in the FRPAA and OSTP).

I also suggest updating the policy so that it encourages and
facilitates the adoption and implementation of complementary public
access policies by universities and research institutions by
specifying that the public access requirement can be fulfilled by
depositing locally, in the fundee's own institutional open access

Not all research is federally funded, but virtually all federal
fundees are institutionally affiliated, and most universities and
research institutions already have ,a
href="">institutional open access repositories.

An increasing number of universities and research institutions are
also contemplating adopting an open access policy (as Harvard, MIT,
and over a hundred other universities worldwide have done).

The goal is global open access to research findings, and it is
especially important now that policies should be designed to
collaborate and reinforce one another, rather than to compete.

It should only be necessary for an author to deposit once, and the
simplest and most natural solution is to deposit institutionally and
then harvest centrally (and automatically) to PubMed Central and any
other desired central search site.

See: "How to Integrate University and Funder Open Access Mandates"

and postings on OSTP & FRPAA

Stevan Harnad