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Returning to print? Geller, Marilyn 30 Mar 2011 13:03 UTC

I know that this is an heretical question and that there will be knee
jerk reactions ranging from stunned to appalled, but I'm really trying
to sort out the pros and cons of this issue based on a library-wide
discussion here.

We have some large publisher package deals that have seen dramatic price
jumps when the contract needs to be renewed.  Frankly, we don't have the
money.  It's not a matter of value for dollars; the dollars really
aren't there (I know we're the only ones in this situation!).  Yesterday
at a meeting, someone asked what would happen if we just canceled the
package subscriptions and returned to subscriptions for the individual
titles we actually want/need.  In several instances, subscriptions to
individual electronic versions are not available and they are not in any
databases we subscribe to which means we would have to return to the
print subscription.

We know we might have holdings gaps.  We know we'll run out of room
(well, actually, it's a bit too late on that one).  We know we'll be
limiting access to physically being in the building.  But we also know
we simply don't have the money, and the publishers in question are not
willing to lower their prices.

Has anyone returned to print, and if so, with what consequences or
benefits?  Has anyone thought about this but decided against it, and if
so, for what reason?  Or does anyone have any thoughts in general to
contribute on the idea of returning to print?

Thanks for any insights!

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