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Re: Returning to print? Rick Anderson 30 Mar 2011 13:51 UTC

> Has anyone returned to print, and if so, with what consequences or
> benefits?  Has anyone thought about this but decided against it, and if
> so, for what reason?  Or does anyone have any thoughts in general to
> contribute on the idea of returning to print?

Print is a pretty terrible format for giving people access to articles -- it
can only be used by one patron at a time; it can only be used when the
library is open; it requires patrons to make a special trip to the library;
it's searchable only by means of crude indexes.

But as a service model, print is nowhere near as bad as cancellation.  I say
do what you've got to do in order to serve your patrons as well as you can.
If they need the content and print is the only feasible option, go for it.

Rick Anderson
Assoc. Dir. for Scholarly Resources & Collections
Marriott Library
Univ. of Utah
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