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Re: Returning to print? Sarah D Tusa 30 Mar 2011 14:58 UTC

Yes. I started to mention ILL.  Then I remembered the copyright clearance fees that our ILL supervisor showed me not too long ago.  It's fine for low-use titles.  We may have to transfer a staff position or two to that department before long, when we can't afford to keep either the print (due to space limitations) or the electronic (due to spiraling price increases and inflated pricing practices).

Maybe go to fee-based document delivery?  (That may be part of ILL in many libraries, but it is a different service, with a separate fee structure.)


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There's always ILL...

As Rick said, you do what you have to do to best serve your patrons
given your situation.  We currently have access to a decent collection
of electronic resources because of our involvement in our state
university system and because of memberships in a few consortia.  If we
had to subscribe on our own, we would be primarily if not solely print.
Good luck to you.

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