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Re: Token subscriptions for online articles instead of online journal titles - how do you manage this kind of subscription? Patricia Thompson 16 Mar 2011 20:17 UTC

We moved to the token access mode for Wiley
journals this year (Wiley's is called Article
Select.) I was encouraged to do this because
several libraries in the Oberlin Group, of which
we are a member, had done this successfully. We
chose to provide seamless access, without
requiring any special authorization other than
our normal IP recognition. I am monitoring usage
and if we end up spending all of the tokens too
quickly we may have to revisit this decision. (It
has only been a couple of months so far.) So
because all of the titles are available, I have
simply turned on the entire Wiley journal
database in Serials Solutions so that users will
know that we have access to them.

I would think that even if we decide to control
usage and make users ask a librarian for a
password or something, I would still activate the
collection in Serials Solutions, but I would add
a "Public All Titles Note" to tell users they
have to get a password. This note would display
in the Journal Finder (A-Z list) but I am not
sure whether it would display anywhere if the
user linked directly to an article or journal title from another database.

Pat Thompson

Patricia R. Thompson
Assistant University Librarian for Resource Management Services
duPont Library
University of the South
Sewanee, TN 37383

At 02:47 PM 3/16/2011, you wrote:
>Because of several reasons, this year we
>canceled some package subscriptions and canceled
>some online titles with low usage statistics as
>well. Instead, we subscribe tokens in order to
>provide our patrons with online full texts upon
>their requests. Tokens can be used to all the
>journals published by this publisher we bought
>tokens from. But to manage this kind of subscription, I have some questions:
>    * Are there other libraries doing the same thing as we do?
>    * If you also subscribe tokens instead of
> titles, how do you treat these titles – as your
> subscribed titles listed in your Serials Solutions or do not list them at all?
>    * If you do not list the titles in your
> e-journals collection, how do you let your
> library users know they are part of your
> subscription which can be accessed by asking for?
>    * How do you manage the use of the tokens –
> not controlled by librarians at  all? Or be
> fully controlled by librarians of which department, ILL or Serials Dept?
>You may send email to me directly to discuss it
>if you prefer. Thanks in advance.
>Tian Zhang
>Serials Department
>St. John's University Library
>8000 Utopia Parkway
>Queens, NY 11439
>Tel. 718 990-5082
>Fax. 718 990-5938