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Change in IEEE Author Policy: Impact on MIT Faculty Open Access Policy Stevan Harnad 24 Mar 2011 01:04 UTC


To Ellen Duranceau, MIT Libraries

Dear Ellen,

The IEEE policy change is a good thing, a blessing in disguise.

Self archiving of the accepted final draft is what the policy and procedure should have been all along. That's the procedure that will work, and the policy that can and will scale to all other institutions and funders. It's also what will usher in universal Green OA and then downsizing and transition to Gold OA, with publishers downsizing to just peer review. If you had kept relying on importing the publisher's PDF, that would not have been possible and the policy and procedure would not have scaled.

Best wishes,


Change in IEEE Author Policy: Impact on MIT Faculty Open Access Policy
Posted March 23rd, 2011 by Ellen Duranceau

In January 2011, the IEEE changed a key author policy, discontinuing the right authors had to post the final published version of their IEEE articles on the web. This alters what authors can do with their work and how the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy can be implemented for these papers.

The policy change is not retrospective: papers posted before January do not need to be taken down from the web. But from January on, authors may post only their accepted manuscripts, not the final published version of their articles.

As a consequence of this policy change, the MIT Libraries can no longer copy the final published articles from IEEE’s database and post them in MIT’s research repository, Dspace@MIT, as we have been doing since the faculty passed their Open Access Policy:

Instead, the Libraries are now requesting that authors submit their final accepted manuscripts of IEEE papers for deposit under the Policy. Papers can be uploaded through a simple web form -- -- and will appear in the Open Access Articles Collection.

	• IEEE’s policy
	• MIT Faculty Open Access Policy:
	• Ellen Duranceau, MIT Libraries Program Manager, Scholarly Publishing & Licensing, x38483.