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Re: including print holdings in journal A-Z list Cynthia Adamo 22 Sep 2011 18:31 UTC

>We have EBSCO A-Z, which currently lists online titles only. I was
>wondering if many libraries include print holdings in their A-Z lists,
>and if so, how often they update them?

We just added our print/microfilm titles to EBSCO's AtoZ this year.  We
didn't add holdings, for the same reason most folks have mentioned - it
would be too much work to keep them updated.

What we have in AtoZ is a link for each title that says "click here to view
print/microfilm holdings at library", which sends people to the record in
our catalog.

As I believe someone else mentioned, it's a good idea to make sure your
upload title list uses the same titles as the ones in AtoZ, in cases where
you have both physical and online holdings.  (For example, "ethno-musicolgy"
and "ethnomusicology" will show as separate titles).

I also want to point out, that I noticed something weird with the subject
links in AtoZ, after we uploaded our titles.  Using the example
"ethnomusicology" again, there was a subject listed with it, prior to our
upload ("Fine Arts and Music -- Music").  Once we uploaded our titles,
"ethnomusicology" had both our online and catalog links listed under it.
But when I tried clicking on the subject link "Fine Arts and Music --
Music", I discovered that our link to the record in the catalog disappeared.

In fact, none of our links to records in the catalog would show up, when a
patron browsed via subject.  This is because when we initially uploaded our
titles, we didn't upload associated subjects.  So we went back and added
subjects and re-uploaded our titles - that solved the problem.  (Let me know
if I'm not explaining this well, or if you want more details on whole the
process we used -

Take care,