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Die Kunst Steve Murden 23 Sep 2011 21:33 UTC

This one is complicated, but there must be someone out there in serials land
who can help me.

As a volunteer in a fine arts museum, I'm trying to sort out our
holdings and the
accompanying bib. records for various incarnations of Die
Kunst.  This also includes
the various title changes, mergers, and absorptions.  The main
problem I'm finding
is in distinguishing between two different titles called Die Kunst
and which of the
other titles are attached to each one.   In searching OCLC, I seem to find
discrepancies in those linkages.

Here is what I've found so far.

Both Die Kunsts began in 1899, adding to the confusion.

One Die Kunst merged with Das Schone Heim in 1929 to form Kunst und das
Schone Heim (or Die Kunst absorbed it).

The second Die Kunst is subtitled Monatchefte fur Freie und Angewandte Kunst.
 From 1899-1944 this title was issued in 2 parts, each of which had
its own numbering:
Freie Kunst (or Die Kunst fur Alle, or Freie Kunst der Kunst fur
Alle) and Angewandte
Kunst (or Angewandte Kunst der Dekorativen Kunst).

Das Schone Heim was a title change from Dekorative Kunst, which
started in 1897.
The title change occurred in 1929.

Die Kunst und das Schone Heim changed title in 1984 to Die Kunst.

Die Kunst also absorbed Die Kunst fur Alle in 1943.

Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration is another earlier titled that was
(probably) absorbed
by Die Kunst.

If anyone can help me decipher this maze, I would really appreciate
it.  My rudimentary
German is not helping me very much and my sense is that some of the
OCLC records
have incorrectly intermixed the two strings of titles.  You can post
to the list or to me
privately at

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.