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NISO Two-Part October Webinar: Managing Data for Scholarly Communications Cynthia Hodgson 30 Sep 2011 17:03 UTC

There has been a significant rise in the inclusion of supplemental digital
data and materials in the scholarly publication process over the last
several years along with many data curation projects to allow research data
to be more accessible in an increasingly global and interdisciplinary
environment. But the explosion of accessible, digital data has created
challenges for publishers, libraries, repository managers, and researchers
to create new solutions for its management, discovery, and use.
In the scholarly publication arena, the value and benefits of the inclusion
of including supplemental data must be balanced with the resources required
for its management and use. Even separately from scholarly publications, the
ever-growing repositories of datasets require organization, identification,
description, citation standards, discovery tools, and preservation and
curation methodologies.

NISO's two-part webinar on Managing Data for Scholarly Communications, to be
held on October 12 and 19, will look at these challenges from both the
publication environment (Part 1) and the data repository curation
environment (Part 2).


Part 1 will focus on data as a supplement to scholarly publication. It will
address the definition of supplemental data, discuss how it may affect the
peer review and publication process, and show examples of how information
services are handling their accessibility.

Linda Beebe, Senior Director, PsycINFO at American Psychological Association
will review the work of the NISO/NFAIS Supplemental Journal Article
Materials Project, which is developing a Recommended Practice for publisher
inclusion, handling, display, and preservation of supplemental journal
article materials.

Mike Buschman, Director, Product Management, Serials Solutions will discuss
Supplemental Material And The SummonT Web-Scale Discovery Service, in
particular why supplemental material is important to discovery services like
SummonT and how this content is treated on the indexing side, as well as how
it is presented to users.


The second part of the webinar will look at the more technical and
organizational issues for managing data, independent of whether it is linked
to publications.

Joan Starr, EZID Service Manager, California Digital Library describes
Dataset Identification & Citation: DataCite and EZID. DataCite, an
international organization that works to improve the scholarly
infrastructure around datasets, and EZID, a service built for simple
identifier management, including DataCite DOIs, other long-term identifiers.

A second speaker, to be announced, will address organizational, cultural,
and legal/licensing issues around the management and accessibility of data.


You can register for either part independently or for both parts.
Registrants for both parts receive a 25% discount. NISO and NASIG members
receive a member discount and there is also a student discount available.

Registration is per site (access for one computer) and includes access to
the online recorded archive of the webinar for one year. Can't make it on
the webinar date/time? Register and watch the recorded version at your own

For more information and to register, visit the event webpages:
Part 1: Supplemental Data:
Part 2: Technical Management:

Cynthia Hodgson
NISO Technical Editor Consultant
National Information Standards Organization
Phone: 301-654-2512