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Re: outrage of the day--Sage and the American Educational Research Journal Jim Millhorn 05 Oct 2012 15:53 UTC


Our serials agent--Harrassowitz--performs a valuable service in informing us whenever a journal's inflation rate exceeds 15%.  This morning I was a astonished to learn that more than a dozen Sage journals--and these are fundamental titles--exceeded the 15% rate and a couple were in excess of 50%.  However, the topper was the American Educational Research Journal whose inflation rate weighed in an at more than 100% ($387 to $806.)  Moreover, before Sage took over the title in 2006 it was priced at $147.

I called Sheenagh McCarthy from Sage marketing to voice or displeasure and ask what the hell is going on.  She explained--very nicely--that she understood the gravity of the situation and comprehended that such severe inflation rates placed an enormous burden on libraries.  On the other hand, Sheenagh indicated that Sage had conducted a "marketing study" that concluded that a number of Sage journals were under priced for their field.  And hence the major price increase.  I asked whether these journals were losing money previously, and she indicated no.  In addition, Sheenagh opined that it was the respective Associations that were demanding the severe price hikes.  All I can say is that if a number of prominent publishers follow in the footsteps of Sage then we are in for a very rough ride.


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