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From: Sara Rouhi <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2014 15:49:13 -0400
Subject: Altmetric launches Altmetric for Institutions - Register for
free trial access and join us for a demo June 20

~~Please excuse cross posting~~

Dear librarian colleagues,

I'm delighted to announce that Altmetric LLP has launched Altmetric for
Institutions, a web-based software application that enables higher
educational institutions to track and evaluate the online dissemination
and impact of their authored research.

Created with input from leading academic establishments around the
world, Altmetric for Institutions promises to deliver a much more
complete and timely picture of the broader impact of published research
than download or citation counts alone can offer.

Juergen Wastl, Research Strategy Officer at Cambridge University and
development partner for the new platform, commented;

"Altmetric for Institutions has so far proved a very useful tool for
monitoring and collating information on the attention that our published
research is receiving. It is invaluable in that we can analyse and
report on data that would otherwise take weeks or months to collate -
and in doing so can better support not only our departments and
faculties but also our research networks and initiatives."

Please refer to the full press release at for
further details.

Altmetric for Institutions is now available for trial access - visit to find out more, or email if
you would like to establish a trial incorporating your institution’s data.

Please also consider joining us for a demo this Friday, June 20 at 11am,
eastern time. You can sign up here:

Or just reach out to me directly at

Best wishes,

Sara Rouhi
Product Sales Manager

968 National Press Building
529 14th Street NW
Washington DC 20045


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