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Re: Sources for journal back issues / back volumes Gillespie, E. Gaele (23 Nov 2016 20:34 UTC)
Re: Sources for journal back issues / back volumes Heidi Fisher (23 Nov 2016 21:52 UTC)

Re: Sources for journal back issues / back volumes Heidi Fisher 23 Nov 2016 21:52 UTC


We still consistently use Absolute Backorder Services, Inc.

They have online inventory so you can check there, you can also email
Glenn or Sandy to ask for some help.

We actually have a project coming up shortly that involves back issues
of a large group of titles, so my first stop will be with Absolute to
see what they can do to help us.

We've been doing business with them since the Summer of 1999, we
always appreciate all of their help!

Thanks!  Heidi Fisher

Heidi A. Fisher
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On 11/23/2016 3:34 PM, Gillespie, E. Gaele wrote:
> Jason -- If the back issue isn’t too dated, you probably can purchase
> it from the publisher.  We occasionally ask our serials vendor/agent
> to see if they can purchase a single or a few issues for us from the
> publisher, and then we pay our vendor for the back issues, which keeps
> the accounting simpler.
> If it’s a fairly recent back issue that you need, and you use Ebsco as
> one of your subscription agents, you can check their Missing Copy Bank
> (discussed in a prior SERIALST thread) for the issue and request it
> free of charge, even if you don’t subscribe to that title through Ebsco.
> If the issue is much older, you might be able to find it by searching
> at either Zubal ( <> )  or
> Periodicals Service Company (
> <> àin left sidebar, under
> Catalog, you can search by title or ISSN or click on “View by Subject”
> and then you can view titles by subject).  Don’t let the “books” in
> the Zubal company name mislead you, as they do have periodicals in
> stock, they’re just more selective which titles they purchase and
> retain in stock. (For example, I searched for _l’Oeil Revue d’Art_ and
> found they have nos. 1-254 for $27.23 per issue and nos. 255-524 for
> $10.00 per issue.)
> Just remember that you will pay more for back issues depending on how
> back-dated it is, whether it’s a magazine or a journal, and due to
>   publishers having smaller print runs and therefore less overstock,
> so they can – and do – charge more per issue.
> Best,
> Gaele
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> *Subject:* [SERIALST] Sources for journal back issues / back volumes
> I remember once coming across a database that listed old journals from
> a variety of publishers you could by.  Does this ring a bell with anyone?
> I'm looking for an old copy of the New Yorker.  My students check a
> couple of serial exchange list-servs.  I might be able to get it
> directly from the publisher.
> Jason Skoog
> Archivist and Systems Librarian
> Viterbo University, La Crosse, WI
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