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1)      Migration update: Oxford Academic Platform

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From: HUDSON, Patricia []
Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2016 11:22 AM
Subject: Migration update: Oxford Academic Platform

**Please excuse any cross-posting**

Oxford University Press is currently migrating journals to the new Oxford Academic platform. Customers are not required to make any further updates at this point but we wanted to provide an update on progress.

Journals are dual running for a period of time as we begin to migrate in batches, meaning that journal sites and content are accessible across both the and Oxford Academic platforms. For sites that are dual running, users navigating links via DOIs, search engines, and many abstracting services will continue to be taken to the platform while direct links will lead to the new platform.

We are now beginning the next phase of the migration process and will be migrating our journals completely to the new Oxford Academic platform in batches over the coming weeks. Once each batch migrates, these journals will no longer be dual running and will only be available on the Oxford Academic platform. However, please note, we will not be migrating any further batches from today (20 December) until early January to allow for the holiday period.

Again, our customers do not need to take any further action during this transition period but do please ensure that you’ve completed the required actions from the Migration Information Pack<> we sent out earlier this year. This has been updated to reflect the current dual running situation. We will be in touch with you when the migration of all journals is complete, which we anticipate will be in January 2017.

Tricia Hudson

Patricia Bowers Hudson | Associate Director of Institutional Marketing
Oxford University Press | 2001 Evans Road | Cary, NC 27513 | USA
+1 919 677 0977 Ext. 5247<>


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