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Serials forum Birdie MacLennan 22 Oct 1990 14:18 UTC

The system is telling me that 28 people have subscribed to SERIALST
since Friday, so it seems that there should be enough of us to begin
a forum.  SERIALST does not have an editor, or moderator, so any mail
that is sent will appear as you send it.  The listowner (ces't moi)
will be away at the NOTIS User's Group Meeting in Chicago for most of
the week, so if something goes awry with the technical aspects of
SERIALST, i won't be here to deal with them until next week ...
In the meantime, folks should feel free to start putting their serials
questions, interests, and concerns on the line.  Hopefully the automated
aspects of SERIALST's mail distribution capabilities will take care of us ...

Two issues that I've been thinking about:  (1)  Has anyone out there
been dealing with the issue of computer floppy diskettes that have
been accompanying some journals (eg., Review of income and wealth or OCLC
Micro)?  So far, i've been adding a supplement note to the 525 field
of our bibliographic records ("Some issues accompanied by computer
diskettes") because info. on the diskettes often contains material
that supplements the journal.  Has anyone been adding diskette info.
to their library's vol. holdings displays (as suppls.) to let people know what
diskettes are available?  Also, is your institution set up to allow
these types of diskettes to circulate, or do you have microcomputers
in your library so that patrons can look at these diskettes in-house?

(2)  I'm also really interested in discussing the topic of electronic
journals in libraries.  Are your institutions subscribing to electronic
journals?  Do you catalog them (if so, have you developed a set of
cataloging guidelines)?  How do you make electronic journals available
to users?

Please respond directly to SERIALST so we can get some discussions going.

Birdie MacLennan
Serials Cataloger / SERIALST Listowner
University of Vermont