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(no subject) Colleen Thorburn 25 Oct 1990 15:45 UTC

In reply to your query of 22 Oct. 90 regarding electronic journals etc. The Uni
versity of Florida has been adding journals accompanied by disks, much the same
 way that you described, by adding a 525 note : "Some issues accompanied by com
puter diskettes." We do add a note to the holdings display to inform the public
 as well as ourselves as to which vols. had accompanying disks. Some of our bra
nch libraries are allowing disks to circulate. The main library has micros and
requires in-house use at this time.
We are also cataloging some electronic journals (see Latin American Debt Chroni
cle OCLC 19299004). This is an electronic journal that allows the institution t
o make print-outs and store them. However, we do subscribe to some serials that
 do not allow copies to be made. We have not yet reached a decision on these ye
t, so we have cataloged the documentation and supplied a note to the users that
 the database is available, consult reference staff. I hope that we will soon h
ave a task force formed for this issue.
   I would like to "subscribe" to the forum. How do I do this? Colleen Thorburn