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Electronic Journals bkatz@COSY.UOGUELPH.CA 25 Oct 1990 19:55 UTC

At the present time we do not subscribe to any of these.  However, we are now
investigating the Journal of the International Academy of Hospitality Research,

published electronically (started this fall). A faculty member from our School
of Hotel and Food Admin. is on the IAHR board and drew it to our attention. We
are thinking of downloading it and making it available here on floppies or even

on paper, in order to preserve the "run".  Papers are to besubmitted via Binet,

Internet or ASCII format on disks and they plan to publish one main article per

issue; 10 issues per year to be published *as they are ready*. We will have to
obtain permission for the downloading/printing, of course.  Back issues will be

accessible by abstract or full text over Bitnet, but we are not clear abouthow
we can readily make them available in that "pure" format to users over all the
times when the Library is open.  For now, we have not solved the consequent
problems of cataloguing etc.  If we can hold the back file on floppies or on
paper, that should not be a problem!
                                        Bernard Katz
                                        University of Guelph Library