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Re: List update Joyce Gartrell 29 Oct 1990 22:25 UTC

> There are currently over 150 subscribers on SERIALST.  Last week,
> when the list was smaller, there was some discussion about computer
> diskettes that accompany paper journals (how are libraries treating
> these in the bibliographic record?  Are you adding computer diskette
> information to your volume holdings, particularly if the diskettes
> contain material that supplements the paper version?).  There was
> also some discussion on electronic journals (are your institutions
> subscribing to them, and if so, how do you process them and/or
> make them available to users?).  Please feel free to comment on
> these, or other serials related issues that you may be coping with
> in your institutions.  With 150 of you out there, there must be a few
> other issues or concerns that you'd like to discuss!
> As for technicalities, there have been some problems getting folks
> signed on and some resulting delivery error notices.  Please bear
> with me as I get used to being a listowner and try to get these
> things fixed.  Let me know if you are having problems receiving or
> sending mail.
> Birdie MacLennan
> Serials Cataloger
> University of Vermont

Thanks for repeating the questions in your e-mail message.  It has been
a little difficult reading the answers without knowing for sure what
the questions were.  Is there any way to let us know what the question
or comment was to which someone is responding?

I'm assuming my responses are going somewhere, as they don't come  back
to me, but it is not clear to me what gets into the list.

Joyce Gartrell
Head, Serials Cataloging
Columbia University Libraries