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Re: NUGM MFHL Preconference CAROLYN KACENA 30 Oct 1990 14:41 UTC

1.  Release 5.0 will have conversion programs to move VHLD data into MFLD
records.  Data will move into 899 or 866.  These two fields will drive the
OPAC display information.
2.  Unless a library rigorously followed the NISO standard for input,
option A which moves data directly into 899 field, maintaining the
original relationship of information, will be the option recommended by
NOTIS for most situations.
3.  Conversion must occur before Release 5.1 in that point
the VHLD record will disappear.
4.  How the paired fields 853/4/5 and 863/4/5 will work within future
releases is still undetermined.  Generally the speakers did not recommend
rushing into a massive data entry project to create the paired fields
until their use in future releases is clearer.  You could be doing
a lot of work with no payoff...especially since they do not display
in the OPAC and any errors in input are not going to be caught in any
of the verification routines in Release 5.0.
5.  One possible future scenario is that the MARC Holdings record will
become the core of the NOTIS record, replacing the copy holdings record
as well as the volume holdings record...however, this was "pure" conjecture
as part of Dale Hood's presentation.

The primary focus of the time spent was on the MARC format and how to
structure the background for NOTIS questions and solicitations
for suggestions on how libraries may want to use the format within NOTIS.
These represent my brief summary of what I heard; those with more serials
cataloging background may want to correct or enhance these brief notes.

Carolyn Kacena, LIB1
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, TX