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Shelving Sequence for Acronyms bkatz@COSY.UOGUELPH.CA 30 Oct 1990 16:43 UTC

We used to shelve acronyms at the beginning of the letter, but when we went to
an OPAC system that interfiled acronyms with "regular" title words, we changed
our shelving (for current issues, that is) to match the sequence users find in
the OPAC -- now a CD-ROM based system.  We think users find this more under-sta
ndable than the other sequence (when we used a com-fiche serials list), and
it makes for fewer problems.  After all, to many people acronyms such as Unesco

have taken on the status of a "real" word -- especially when written in u+l c.
                                                        Bernard Katz
                                                        U of Guelph Library