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Electronicc Journals bkatz@COSY.UOGUELPH.CA 02 Dec 1990 06:13 UTC

We may shortly be subscribing to our first e-journal.  Because of the
special circumstances in having a *library* subscribe, we are treating
it as a novel method of distributing the journal.  So we will be down-
loading it onto a floppy as well as printing it out.  We will catalogue
these "permanent" versions of the text.  We may well give up the paper
copy in a short while after we get some experience, but in any case are
not likely to bind it -- the floppy will act as the "permanently" re-
tained copy.  The journal concerned plans to publish irregularly, as it
receives refereed articles, so that no article need wait for others in
order to be disseminated.  This also really takes advantage of the medium.
                                                       Bernard Katz
                                                    U of Guelph Library