This has been posted on the NOTIS-L list, but we got very little response.
Forgive the repetition.

We are interested in loading vendor invoice tapes from vendors other than
Faxon and Ebsco and we would like to survey the experiences and vendor
interests of other NOTIS sites.  If you have loaded invoice tapes from
other vendors, could you comment on your experiences in doing so? (We
have heard of BNA invoices being loaded.)  Did you run into any difficulities
in loading the tapes/invoices?

We have been working with tapes from Swets and Majors as the two primary
serials vendors for our Medical Library.  To date, we have not been able
to load the tapes successfully.  Off and on NOTIS has worked on the
problem; Swets and Majors believe they have prepared the tapes to NOTIS
specifications.  This is problem tracking number PPP9885, but it is
closed since NOTIS considers it a problem only for us.  NOTIS has agreed
to spend some additional time on this in the spring, if we are willing
to support($) the problem-solving.  We need to know if there are other
sites who would be interested in using VITLS with Swets and Majors.  If
so, could you please register this with NOTIS so that they know we are
not the only ones interested.  It would also be useful for us to know
in our discussions with NOTIS, Swets, and Majors.

I am not a subscriber to these lists, so please respond
to eldridvl@vuctrvax       Thanks.

Flo Wilson
Virginia Eldridge
Vanderbilt University