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Application of AACR2 serial title change guidelines LIBRLV@EMUVM1.BITNET 07 Dec 1990 20:50 UTC

 I am curious to know how others are applying the various AACR2 rules and
 associated LC Rule interpretations for serial title changes in relation to
 database records (OCLC for me) which may contradict them. 21.2A outlines
 various conditions which do NOT constitute a title change such as variations
 in spelling, change after the first five words, etc.

 We have a fairly large backlog of title changes to work through in terms of
 full cataloging (temporary records have been created in manual files and
 check-in records set up in our Faxon SC-10 database).

 In checking through OCLC I have found some records, such as those for Animal
 behaviour abstracts (OCLC 1795690) LC card no. 74-647139/r852 which indicates
 that it was published 1974-198u and was continued by: Animal behavior
 abstracts (OCLC 18529163) which began with v. 10, 1982.

 This does not seem to qualify as a title change according to 21.2A since all I
 can see is a spelling change of behavior. I would cheerfully ignore it and
 leave our original record for Animal behaviour abstracts (#1795690) as an open
 entry in our database except for concerns about ILL and resource sharing.

 I would appreciate any insights from the group.

 I am not one who believes in looking for ways to avoid real title changes
 since I think our users (and our staffs for that matter) work primarily from
 the cover title. So I don't think we are doing them a favor, even if we make
 things a little simpler for ourselves, when we get into elaborate determina-
 tions of what is the most frequently occurring title if the title varies on
 different places in the publication, etc. But I don't think anyone, catalogers
 or users wants to get bogged down in minor variations (that many would never
 notice anyhow) such as those outlined in 21.2A. At the same time, in terms of
 ILL, holdings in cooperative projects, etc, confusion could arise if some of
 us appear to have only a "dead" title and not the new one. Since I don't have
 a gigantic cataloging staff sitting around twiddling their thumbs, I have to
 balance, as do we all, internal efficiency with national concerns.

 Again, I would be interested in your comments.

 Linda Visk
 Head, Serials Control Dept.,
 General Libraries, Emory University, Atlanta GA 30322
 (404) 727-0121  Bitnet: LIBRLV@EMUVM1