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Re: Application of AACR2 serial title change guidelines Martha Gunnarson 10 Dec 1990 15:50 UTC

  In the case you mention, Animal behaviour abstracts   changing to:
Animal behavior abstracts, I would send a change request to OCLC.
The Cataloging User Manual, section "Reporting the collapse of
a serial" explains the procedure to follow. (p. 12:14-12:16)
  This is a slow process, especially when LC is involved. It can take
several months, and there is no mechanism for determining the status
of the records aside from checking them online.
  I keep the printouts in a box on my desk with a note stating what action
I took, and when, and I periodically 8-) check them online.
  I keep our holdings split up until such time as the records are merged,
when I merge our holdings.
  Hope this helps.

Martha Gunnarson
Gordon Library
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester MA  01609