training non serials staff R-MAKI@UMINN1.BITNET 11 Dec 1990 17:20 UTC

 *** Resending note of 12/11/90 11:17

 Here at the Bio-Medical Library, University of Minnesota, technical services st
 aff conducts "NOTIS refresher training sessions" for reference staff as needs b
 e.  Because both the Head of Technical Services and the Serials Control manager
  work regular shifts at the reference desk, and can thereby observe reference s
 taff use of NOTIS, we offer these sessions geared to reference desk librarians
 as deemed necessary.
 Thus far, we have conducted special training so that reference staff understand
 s the serials order record, so they can tell if an order is active or inactive,
  if an issue has been claimed, or when a specific recent issue was checked-in.
  We also conducted a session on understanding item records so reference staff c
 an tell the public when a volume was sent to the bindery (in hopes of predictin
 g when it will return) and also a review of item summary screens because that i
 s the only way to determine our exact serials holdings.  Some of the reference
 were not aware of the line command to jump around the item summary screens, and
  now they use it all the time.E
      We also did a session on how useful the name authority file could be to re
 ference staff.  As NOTIS changes and/or we add more data to NOTIS, we will offe
 r other refresher training sessions.  We predict that one will be needed when M
 FHL is brought up, and when other serials enhancements come.

 If anyone is interested in learning more about our training, feel free to give
 me a call.

 Ruth Makinen
 Head of Technical Services
 Bio-Medical Library
 University of Minnesota
 Minneapolis, MN   55455
 (612) 626-3017