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(no subject) SJW Gordon 14 Dec 1990 16:17 UTC

To: Serialst
From: Joyce A. Tracy <bm.aap@rlg>
Subject: How's your Samoan?
Hello, here is a nice problem for the end of the year. We have
just received two bound volumes of periodicals in Samoan. We don
read Samoan (Hawaiian, maybe with a dictionary)
Can anyone out there tell us anything about the following titles?
(Place of publication, duration, etc, would be very nice, thanks)
First title: O le sulu Samoa. (no. 29 Ianuari 1893. Tau Sisipene)
We have this through Novemebr, 1895, and then some issues into 1906.
The other title is bound with it, and has numbering that fits in
with O le sulu Samoa. That title is O le pepa faaopoopo i le sulu.
Any information will be appreciated.
Joyce A. Tracy, Curator of Newspapers and Periodicals
American Antiquarian Society
Worcester, Mass. 01609