853 fields James Mouw 14 Dec 1990 19:47 UTC

The University of Chicago is about to undertake a project to construct a
large number of 853/4/5's.  There fields will be added to existing online
records in our local database as a first step in our ongoing serial
automation project.  We would be most interesed in talking to anyone who has
dealt with large numbers of these fields.
Our major questions are:  How was the project conducted?  How was the needed
information gathered?  How complete did you attempt to be?  What level staff
was required?  Were there any particular categories of materials that gave
more problems than others?  Were there any publication patterns that defied
coding using the existing standard?
We would also like to explore the possibility of someone sharing their
existing data in some way (since there is not yet a national pattern
database).  Maybe we could arrange to acquire a tape dump?  Lets talk.
Thanks in advance.

James Mouw
Head of Serials
University of Chicago

Bitnet:                 uclmouw@uchimvs1
Internet:       mouw@midway.uchicago.edu