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Re: 853 fields in MARC holdings format Birdie MacLennan 19 Dec 1990 13:48 UTC

On Tue, 18 Dec 90 15:16:20 EST <GMCMILLA@VTVM1> said:
> In response to James Mouw's questions about 853 fields, here is
> an extract from a much longer report:
> At Virginia Tech we have been applying the MARC holdings format
> since 1986.  Initially we made a big push to get a lot done
> quickly; in five months with three FTE we coded 6841 serial
> holdings records.  During this time all serials catalogers coded
> the holdings of newly acquired serial titles, adding 1100
> records.  In addition to field 853, coding included all fixed
> fields, 852, 007/843 (when applicable), and 863.
> However, interaction among libraries applying the MARC holdings format
> would help us all feel like we had, indeed, found the best code
> for any patterns and frequencies.
> Yes, let's share data--in some way.  Let's talk tape dump!  It is
> also possible to access some library catalogs through BITNET/
> INTERNET though some OPACs do not readily display MARC records.
> Let's continue this dialogue!  Would it be appropriate for us to
> share coding patterns on the SERIALST?
> Gail McMillan
> Serials Cataloging  (703/231-9252)  (FAX: 703/231-3694)
> University Libraries
> P. O. Box 90001
> Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
> Blacksburg, VA  24062-9001
> gmcmilla@vtvm1

I would be very interested in any comments having to do with implementing
or sharing coding patterns for MARC holdings data and think that SERIALST
could/should be a forum for such information, including experiences with
various (sometimes bizarre?) coding patterns in this relatively new format.
I have been wondering if there's a way to look at other institution's
MARC holding records (as opposed to the public display provided by the
coded records) on the INTERNET.  Does anyone know if there are any such
institutions providing access in technical mode?

As a NOTIS site, we at the University of Vermont are anxiously awaiting
conversion of our free text volume holdings to the MARC Format for Holdings
Data, with the next NOTIS (5.0) upgrade.  Although conversion options with
this upgrade will not translate our vol. holdings to the level of coding
involved in implementing paired fields (i.e., 853/863, 854/864, 855/865),
we will eventually be involved in coding alternate display fields (i.e.,
866, 867, 868) or NOTIS defined 899 fields in addition to the fixed
fields.  I'm not clear, from the NOTIS conversion options, whether or
not either option will convert data to the fixed fields.  Judging from
handouts at the pre-conference workshop on MARC Holdings at the Oct.
NOTIS User's Group Meeting, I'm not optimistic about data conversion
into the the fixed fields.  Perhaps someone else knows?

I'd also be curious to hear about staff training experiences when
implementing the Holdings Format.  How did it go?  What kinds of problems
arose?  Who did you turn to when you weren't sure about how to do something?

I've also been wondering if anyone is using the MARC Holdings code (level
4, detailed holdings) in any kind of printed union list activities?  We
are currently producing a printed list of serials titles from various UVM
libraries, but have been undecided about adding vol. holdings to the list
because some of our holdings go on and on and on ... Anyone have experience
in this area?

Birdie MacLennan
Serials Cataloger
University of Vermont