Re: RECON discussion group 1/13/91,Chicago Gretchen S. Yealy 19 Dec 1990 15:17 UTC

I'm not sure quite what they are talking about.  If it's the ANSI standards
for serial holdings, I don't know much about them, and as you know we elected no
 it's the MARC
fields we use in the OCLC records for Recon., I don't really know much
about them either.  Maggie set up the format, and Barbara Spaulding
and Howard Pasternack probably know more about them than I do.  There are
two problems for me: 1.  The RLIN holdings screen translates the MARC tags
into different mnemonics, and those are the ones I am familiar with.  2.
The OCLC recon people were told not to put in detailed serial holdings
records, so I don't think they took full advantage of the possibilies.
If you think I need to bone up on this and leap up to national-level
discussions, I will.