Electronic serials LIBRDKM@OSUCC.BITNET 03 Jan 1991 16:06 UTC

I have been commissioned by Meckler Corp. to compile a
directory of electronicall-published serials.  I would
appreciate any help the members of this list could provide
in identifying those serials that are published in an
electronic format.  I am currently aware of about twenty
such publications: AIR, Amalgam, Athene, BioSphere Newsletter,
CCNEWS, Class Four, DargonZine, DISTED, International
Intercultural Newsletter, Mednews, NetMonth, Network Audio
Bits, NewsE-D, Postmodern Culture, PACS-L Review, Psychnet,
Quanta, TeXMaG, South Florida Environmental Reader, and SCUP
Newsletter.  I am sure there must be more.  I am most
interested in those distributed via e-mail at this point, but
any electronic format will do.  Thanks for your help.

Dan Marmion
Head, Library Systems
Oklahoma State University