Re: changes of title TSANDERS@AUDUCVAX.BITNET 06 Jan 1991 20:36 UTC

At Auburn, the Serials Acquisitions Librarian, or her trained staff, when
discovering or noting a title change will search OCLC for a new record.  If none
   is available, a provisional record will be created.  The weakness of the syst
to date, aside from expecting acquisitions to develop more cataloging expertise,
   is that we have not added 785s at this point in the procedure.  For several y
   ears we have gotten by with this, but some of the new reference librarians ha
been quite touchy about occasionally having to spend 1-20 minutes helping a patr
   on discover that a title change has taken place.  Quite right!  We will be
discussing a solution to this in the near future.  While we have had a few
differences of opinion as to what is a title change, we are all members of one
department and have usually worked them out.  It may be that we will change to
having title changes referred immediately to serials cataloging for temporary
fixes and then back to serials acquisitions for order record stuff.  A more
serious problem which we have not resolved to anyone's satisfaction regards
closing the "old" order record.  Serials Acquisitions feels it needs to close
the old order record immediately, to avoid check-in errors and entry-of-
payment errors.  However, closing the order means that current issues do not
display on the OPAC.  To date, we have been unwilling to shift these issues
to the new order screen and older reference librarians have been accepting
of these but the newer people--who have never known the "bad old days" are
quite impatient with this.  (Sorry about my typing skills)  Does this help
any?  I'd be glad to explain things in greater detail if there is any
interest.  Thomas Sanders, Serials, Auburn