NOTIS Serials Interest Group Meeting Birdie MacLennan 07 Jan 1991 15:27 UTC

Am resending this from the NOTIS Acquisitions Discussion Group.  Apologies
to those who have read it already.
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    From: Bill Sozansky
          Serials Mgmt. Div.
 I have an addition to the agenda for the NOTIS Serials Interest Group
 meeting at ALA Midwinter.  Stacy Kowalczyk from NOTIS will give an update on
 the serials module portion of version 5.1 which is presently in the analysis
 phase. In case you have not received the printed meeting announcement, the
 NOTIS Serials Interest Group will meet on January 15th from 8:30-10:30 AM
 in the Palmer House, Wabash Parlor (3rd floor).  Please pass this information
 along to any serials people who may be going to midwinter.

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