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Re: changes of title Susan Davis 07 Jan 1991 17:40 UTC

The University of Buffalo has been on NOTIS since the summer, so we are still
working with manual records as well as online ones. We have decided to use
NOTIS's suggested procedure (see the Serials Training Manual p.39), for
deriving a record for the old title in the system, then move the holdings
over to its VHLD, adding a 785 to link to the new title, then edit the
original online record to reflect the new title. This method allows you to main
tain the same OPR. Copies of all the records go to our Serials Cataloging
section. They will overlay "good" records from RLIN. Theoretically the
title change will be cataloged before the second issue arrives, so we only
mislead the public for a short time. Again we have just started with this
procedure and have only had a few title changes come up. If we have not
yet converted the receipt into NOTIS we do not do anything to any of the
records, as we have a manual record we can use to indicate the title has
been sent to Serials Cataloging.  No matter what options you chose to use
for NOTIS, title changes are cumbersome, because the order/pay/receipt
record cannot be transferred from one bib record to another.
And we always try to verify on RLIN or consult with the Serials Catalogers
before we consider anything a title change.
Susan Davis
Head, Periodicals/State University of NY at Buffalo