title changes in NOTIS Deana Astle 08 Jan 1991 14:41 UTC

At Clemson, we use the following procedures for title changes in
NOTIS.  We find they work smoothly and the reference staff are
comfortable with the amount of information we make available.
For tite changes, the serials acquisitions unit makes a note of the
title change on an N line on the old OPR, then closes this OPR to
prevent further check in or invoice posting to the old record.  OCLC
is searched within a week of identifying the title change, a
new bibliographic record is loaded, if found, and an OPR created for
the new title.  All information concerning binding, index info., etc.
is transferred to the new record.  If no record is found in OCLC, a
provisional record is created which cataloging will overlay when they
process the title change.
If the volume and issue numbers continue with the new title, the
call number generally does not change; serials staff therefore put
the call number on the copy holdings screen so that the issues of
the new title can be processed, shelved, and located by patrons.
Our current periodicals are shelved by call number.  The last issue
of the old title and the first issue of the new title are sent to
Cataloging.  After the cataloging is complete, the issues are
returned to Serials.  The old title is bound, and the first issue
of the new title is shelved with the others.  (Often more than one
issue of the new title arrives before cataloging is completed).
 If the enumberation/chronology starts over again with V. 1,  all
issues after no. 1 are held in Serials until the title is cataloged.
The rest of the procedure is the same.  In all cases, we note the
location of the issues on an N line, which is accessible to staff
in the tech services mode, but not to the public. We have not found
this to be a problem.  Hope these comments help.

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