Barcoding of serial analytics and "bound withs" LIBPED@EMUVM1.BITNET 08 Jan 1991 15:22 UTC

 We don't use NOTIS, but maybe saying what we do could be helpful?
 We use DOBIS, but have decided to retain our manual shelf list, for various
 reasons.  Normal serials do not circulate and do not receive barcodes on them.
 We do have to indicate our title holdings online, however, so one barcode is
 assigned per title, and that barcode is then attached to the shelflist card.
 This procedure, along with "bound with" notes or 78X"s might be good for the
 title changes and "bound withs", unless you want your circulation just to
 pass a wand over a barcode to have the system indicate whether something may
 be checked out or not.  Our crew will know,  generally, if a title has no
 barcode on the physical item, it can't be circulated, or, if they search by
 other means in the circulation subsystem, such as title, they will see the
 thing isn't to circulate. This method might only be good  if the circulation
 people are rarely swamped by patrons.

 DOBIS allows serial titles and analytics to be linked. We put the barcode for
 the main serial title on the shelflist card and set the loan to noncirculating.
 The analyzed monographic titles receive individual bibliographic records which
 are then linked online to the serial title.  These monographs do have barcodes
 attached to the physical item and may circulate.

 Pam Deemer
 Catalog Librarian
 Emory Law Library