NOTIS/Faxon SIG Midwinter mtng Karin Begg/Boston College 617-552-8709 08 Jan 1991 22:35 UTC

The following is the agenda for the meeting of the NOTIS/Faxon
Special Interest Group.

Karin Begg, Chair
  and AUL, Systems & Technical Services
Boston College
O'Neill Library 410C
Chestnut Hill, MA  02167
     (617) 552-8709

(I will be at the Hilton at Midwinter, starting Thursday.)

           NOTIS/Faxon Special Interest Group Meeting

                     Sunday January 13, 1991
                         4:00 - 5:00 PM

             Chicago Hilton & Towers, Lake Erie Room

1. Welcome and introductions - Karin Begg, SIG Chair

2. Report on claims transfer project (X12 Pilot Project)

       Overview: Fritz Schwartz, Manager EDI Services, Faxon
             Translation software used
             Status to date

       Perspective of each party involved in project
             Faxon: Fritz Schwartz
             NOTIS: Gerald Ginsburg, Systems Analyst
             University of Minnesota: Bill Sozansky

       Open issues
             General applicability to other NOTIS systems
             Transmission of the IPL (Faxon invoice/page/line)
             Uploading of claim responses
             Extraction of claim cancellations
             Organizational changes from no paper copies
             What else might users want from X12?

       Future work

3. Status of holdings transfer programming - Karin Begg

4. Other joint NOTIS/Faxon projects wanted by the SIG members?