recon discussion group agenda MLI@ZODIAC.BITNET 10 Jan 1991 16:38 UTC

To: Members of RECON Discussion Group
From: Marjorie H. Li 201-932-5904  (ALCTS co-chair)
      Mitch Turitz   415-338-7883  (LITA co-chair)
Re: ALA mid-winter RECON Discussion Group Planning Meeting
    1/13/91, Sunday, 2:00-4:00 P.M.
    Palmer House, Parlour A

    1. Joint programming with the MARC Holdings (LITA) in ALA summer
       meeting, June 1991 at Atlanta.  To decide on:

          Time, Place, theme

    2. Three-year renewal of the RECON Discussion Group (1985,88,91)
       To report and assess :

          Discussion topics of the previous six years. (see handouts)
          Proposed discussion topics for the future years.
          E-mail network for the RECON Discussion Group.

    3. Candidates pool for co-chairs elect 1991-92.
       To elect :

          Co-chair elect (ALCTS), 1991-92

    4. RECON issues for the '90s
       To share information on

          RECON developments in your library
          New techniques
          Strategic plans for RECON
          How does your library finace and implement RECON?

For those of you who can not make it to Chicago in January, please feel
free to write, or email me any comments and suggestions you may have on
those topics mentioned above.

Thank you very much.  Happy New Year.
ALCTS co-chair

Marjorie H. Li
Tech. Serv. Librarian
Rutgers University Libraries
New Brunswick, N.J. 08903
TEL: 201-932-5904
FAX: 201-84d6-0468