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NASIG Workshops, Abridged Without Abstracts Birdie MacLennan 28 Jan 1991 13:55 UTC

Am forwarding this from PACS-L.  Apologies to those who've read it before.
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NASIG  6th Conference, 1991 -- WORKSHOPS
June 14-17, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas

NASIG Conference participants may attend two workshops each
on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  On the registration form,
please select four (4) workshops from each set in ranked
order.  Every effort will be made to accommodate first and
second choices.  Because of space limitations, it may be
necessary to assign some individuals to lower-ranked


1.  "Case Study:  Starting a New Medical Journal."   NOTE:
Gabriela Radulescu, Executive Editor -- Journals, Springer
Verlag, New York.

2.  "Marketing a New Social Science/Humanities Journal to
Libraries, Then and Now."
Patricia Scarry, Associate Journals Manager and Marketing
Manager, Journals Division, University of Chicago Press.

3.  "SUPER-OPAC:  Records for Articles and Chapters in Your
Bradley D. Carrington, Head of Cataloging, University of
Kentucky Libraries.

4. "Periodicals Receiving Unit and Public Service Areas:  A
Productive Combination."
Roseann Bazirjian, Head, Acquisitions, Syracuse University
Lin Polson, Head, Serials Division, Simon Fraser University

5. "The Continuations Saga:  Converting Non-Periodical
Joan Luke, Serials/Microforms Librarian and Assistant Head,
Acquisitions Department, Georgia State University Library.
Steve Murden, Assistant Head, Acquisitions Services, Virginia
Commonwealth University Library.

6. "Interfacing Automated Environments:  Linking the
Integrated Library System."
Lynne BranchBrown, Acquisitions/Serials Librarian, Raytheon.
Katherine Hughes, Serials Librarian, Loyola University
Medical Center Library.

7."Conversion to Automated Serials Control Systems:  From the
Drawing Board to the Front Lines."
Tricia L. Davis, Head, Continuation Acquisitions Division,
Ohio State Universities.
James L. Huesmann, Serials Librarian, University of
Wisconsin-La Crosse Library.

8. "Replacement Issues:  Where Do You Find Them and at What
Beth Holley, Head, Acquisitions Department, University of
Alabama Library.
Susan Malawski, Director, Subscription, Fulfillment and
Distribution, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
John T. Zubal,President, USBE.

9. "How Vendors Assess Service Charges and a Publisher's View
of Discounts to Vendors."
N. Bernard (Buzzy) Basch, Consultant.
John Breithaupt, Director-General, Marketing, Association
Management and Distribution Services, Allen Press.
Tina Feick, U.S. Serials Specialist, Blackwell's Periodicals


1. "Case Study:  Managing the Established Sci/Tech Journal."
John Tagler, Director of Corporate Communications, Elsevier
Science Publishers.

2. "Case Study:  Society Journal Published by Commercial
Jolanda von Hagen, Managing Director, Springer Verlag

3. "Multiple Versions Cataloging and Preservation
Microfilming for Brittle Issues of Serials."
Steve Savage, Head, Periodicals, Newspapers and Microforms
Department, University of Kentucky Libraries.
Mitch Turitz, Serials Librarian, San Francisco State

4. "The impact of Electronic Journals on Traditional Library
Mary Beth Fecko, Special Formats Catalog Librarian, Rutgers
University Libraries.
Linda Langschied, Coordinator, Nonbibliographic Database and
PC Services, Rutgers University Libraries.

5. "Journal Contents Online:  Patron Use and Implications for
Reference Service."
Melissa B. Bradley, Acquisitions Librarian, Denver Public
Patricia M. Wallace, Head, Serials Department, University of
Colorado Libraries.

6. "An Introduction to the Structure of ANSI X12 and a
Tutorial on X12 Mapping for Serials Related Transactions."
Christopher Beckett, Product Manager, Blackwell's Periodicals
Sharon Cline McKay, Director of Library Services, EBSCO.
Fritz Schwartz, Manager, EDI Group, The Faxon Company.

7. "Job Descriptions vis a vis Job Applications:  A Match
Often Not Made in Heaven."
Carole  McIver, Administration Services Librarian, University
of North Carolina at Charlotte Library.
Lois N. Upham, Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of
South Carolina, College of Library and Information Science.

8. "Serial Claims:  Three Perspectives,
Gary Brown, Midwestern Regional Representative, The Faxon
Julia Gammon, Head, Acquisitions Department, University of
Akron Library.
Peter McKay, Sales and Marketing Director, Harcourt, Brace
and Jovanovich, Ltd.

9. "Acquiring and Cataloging the Elusive Latin American
Nelly S. Gonzalez, Director, Latin American Library Services,
University of Illinois Library.
Rosa Q. Mesa, Librarian, Latin American Collection,
University of Florida Libraries.
Scott Van Jacob, Serials Librarian, Dickinson College.

For annual conference information, registration, and program,

Daniel H. Jones, Local Arrangements
Assistant Library Director for Collection Development
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
7703 Floyd Curl Drive
San Antonio  TX  78284-7940
Telephone:  512-567-2400
Telefax:   512-567-2490
E-mail:  JONES@UTHSCSA.Bitnet

For information about NASIG membership, contact:

Ann B. Vidor, NASIG Treasurer
Head, Catalog Department
Emory University
Woodruff Library
Atlanta  GA  30322
Telephone:  404-727-6833
Telefax:  404-727-0053
E-mail:  LIBABV@EMUVMI.Bitnet