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Re: GIFT POLICIES amira unver 05 Sep 1991 13:25 UTC

Our medical library also limits gift acceptance to only those volumes or issues
that we need.  And some of the medical faculty show the same reluctance to
sort through their back issues and pick out what we need.  They usually try to
get around this by dropping off boxes outside my door after hours or mailing
me their "gifts" anonymously. Those that take the time to call or write receive
courteous replies and thanks and the policy is stated.  We have neither time
nor staff to go through boxes of unsolicited issues and we don't.  I find it
easier and more time efficient to order those specific issues I want through
various back issue dealers.  Oh, yes.  Sometimes it helps to call the faculty
secretary and let her/him know your policy so s/he doesn't have to truck boxes
to the library only to be informed the issues can't be used.  Make sure your
front line service people, especially in Ref. or Circ. know the policy.
Amira Unver. Serials Librarian. George Washinton U. Medical Library