I just recently sent out a broadly stated gift policy for
periodicals. I sent it to every faculty member on campus and also
may send to student organizations as well. The points covered in
this policy statement include:
   1. Library subscriptions must be handled through the library's
   accounting system. If people want to give money for
   subscriptions, they should let us put it in our accounts and
   let us handle placing the order.
   Also, gift subscriptions must be cleared first. We reserve the
   right to retain or refuse gift subscriptions entered in our
   name without prior consultation. Anonymity is honored but only
   after a gift is accepted (in other words, the donor needs to come
   to the serials librarian with the gift, but if the donor
   wishes to remain anonymous afterwards otherwise, that's O.K.)
   We cannot accept personal subscriptions as a substitute for an
   institutional subscription, particularly with scientific
   journals. Some publishers blantantly prohibit this and have it
   clearly marked on the cover. We will accept personal copies of
   issues for missing/damaged issues or backrun fill-in.

   2. We do not keep multiple copies of journals that we retain
   in microform. Unsolicited donations are offered to neighboring
   institutions, USBE, or recycled.

   This is just paraphrasing the actual policy, but you get the idea.
   If someone approaches us with a particularly large gift, we ask
   if they would consider donating processing costs (such as for
   binding). We do this on a case-by-case basis, not all the time.

    No matter how bad things get, I will not refuse gifts. In some
    cases it's the only way we'll get something we'll need. It
   generates good will. Yes, it's a drag being someone's dumping
   ground, but there's a long term benefit I think. Even if I
   don't need it, someone else might. I have a better chance
   getting it to the right place than the guy trying to clean
   out his office.

Anyone interested in the actual policy I sent out, drop me a line.

Eleanor Cook
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC 28607