1992 G.K. Hall Award DOCMAPS@ARIZRVAX.BITNET 06 Sep 1991 21:02 UTC

I apologize if this has showed up before- I just got Charles
Bailey's list of library computer conferences- there's a lot I
didn't know about....


Dear Colleagues:

     As chair of this years American Library Association G.K.
Hall Award for Library Literature Committee I am casting the
widest possible net for nominations for the award.  The award is
presented annually to one author and/or co-authors who make an
outstanding contribution to library literature issued during the
three years preceding the presentation (which will be 1992, so
books published in 1989-1991 are eligible)

     The general criteria are fairly broad.

     1. The literature to be considered should be a book- that is
not a continuing publication such as an article, serial, or

     2. It should be an original work by the author/co-authors.
In the past the committee has interpreted this to mean that
edited works are not eligible.

     3.Country of author(s) and publishing origin will only be
U.S. or Canada.

     4. English language material only.

     Their are a number of specific criteria, but they all add up
to "Is it a good book? Well written, concieved, and with a
reasonably important topic?"

     I am sending snailmail (paper, stamps, etc) versions of this
request to all the library book publishers, the ARL directors,
the heads of all library schools in the U.S. and Canada, assorted
friends, and just folks in Libraryland who strike me as
interesting observers of the field.

     As far as I know this is the first time the G.K. Hall Award
has gone out electronically.  If you are on a listserver or
bulletin board other than MAPS-L or GOVDOCS-L, feel free to
forward on- I'd like this thing to spread as widely as possible.

     If you have a nomination, send me the appropriate
bibliographic information directly to me (don't bother the list
servers) either via E-Mail at


or:  Charley Seavey
     Graduate Library School
     University of Arizona
     1515 East First Street
     Tucson, AZ 857l9