Serials recon KFIELD@TRENTU.CA 09 Sep 1991 14:10 UTC

We here at Trent University are about to undertake a small recon of our
serials database (approx. 8000 records). As economic times are hard and in an
effort to carry out this project in as economical a way as possible I am
hoping to have the searching, edit and filing of records from cd's to disks
done automatically in batch.

I recently heard about a program called Backseat Driver which will do all the
things which I require. I would like to know if there are any others of you
out there who are using this program or a similar program to carry out the
operations described above and any comments you may have about the
effectiveness of the program. Please reply directly to me and thank you in
                                 Kenneth Field KFIELD@TRENTU.CA
                                 Catalogue (serials) and Microform Librarian
                                 Trent University, Peterborough, Ont.