Re: latest entry cataloguing BMACLENN@UVMVM.BITNET 11 Sep 1991 21:59 UTC

On Wed, 11 Sep 1991 09:32:27 EDT Marie Cousineau said:
>Are there any libraries using the latest entry cataloguing technique
>for serials? If so, how do you handle the problem of reporting to
>national agencies or union lists who support successive entry

At the University of Vermont, we most often use standard successive
entry cataloging rules for serial records.  On occasion, however (most
notably, records for IEEE materials) we have applied latest entry
cataloging techniques in our local system.  Generally we do the following
to our latest entry MARC records (our local system is NOTIS):

1.  fixed field beginning and ending dates: DT/1: beginning date of
earliest title; DT/2: ending date of latest title (or 9999)

2.  fixed field S/L or SLE = 1 (code for latest entry).

3.  fixed field Desc or DCF = i or blank

4.  035 should contain OCLC nos. of latest title followed by OCLC nos.
of earlier titles in reverse chronological order.

5.  245 = latest title proper.

6.  247 = earlier titles with $f (dates or vol. designation).

7.  260 = earliest publisher; earliest date of publication.

8.  362 = earliest enum./chron.

9.  547 = former titles note (optional; usually we just display the 247's).

We attach our holdings symbol to any and all OCLC records that are cited
in our local 035 field.

We are not currently union listing -- although we are thinking about it
and our latest entry records would certainly pose some dilemma for us.
I expect we would need to review all of our latest entry holdings
records and split them up on the UL according to the successive
entry records that they belong to in OCLC... which is why I
would strongly recommend keeping track of those successive entry records
in the 035 field of your latest entry record.

Also, there was quite a bit of discussion about latest entry cataloging
several months ago (last year?) on SERIALST.  For more dialog on this topic
you might try searching the SERIALST message logs... or try retrieving the
monthly logs for Nov. or Dec. (??) of 1990.

Birdie MacLennan
Serials Cataloger / SERIALST Listowner
Bailey/Howe Library
University of Vermont