3 Questions Marsha Skoman, Cowles Library 12 Sep 1991 16:56 UTC

1.  Does anyone have a recommendation for a good Japanese newspaper that
our Japanese students would enjoy having at the library?

2.  Has anyone figured out an effective way to communicate to patrons
that some paper copy journals have microform fill-ins or back runs?
I can think of three ways: a. put the information on book dummies (which
takes an investment to buy the things), b. use flags (which get lost),
or c. educate users to *ask for help* if they are unable to find what
they want.

3.  We are automating our collection using DRA.  I would appreciate it
if a few serials librarians would volunteer to be a resource for the
questions I would like to ask of someone who has used DRA in a real, live
library situation.  (You can message me personally on this one.)

Thank you!!

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