Re: Annuals SMURDEN@VCUVAX.BITNET 13 Sep 1991 17:52 UTC

At Va. Commonwealth University, we handle annuals similarly to the way Sandra
Lindberg describes the situation at Xavier.  And we have no plans to change
that arrangement.  Granted, the patrons discover a reference to an annual
in an index and assume that it will be treated like a journal.  And if they
went to our nonclassified bound journals, they would probably not find it
there.  *But* (and it's a big but), they need to be aware that information
about that annual title will be in the automated system, along with the
location, call no., and our holdings.  And I would hope that patrons who do
not find something in a particular location where they *think* it should be
would make another stab at it before they give up.  And before I start to
hear all of the negative feedback from other people telling me that that's
not how patrons use libraries, I am aware of the voluminous literature
dealing with that topic.  It all boils down to patron education.  Personally,
I would not consider unclassifying our annuals in the hope that more patrons
would be able to find titles serendipitously (sp?).  I would prefer to add
some additional, helpful directional signage in the bound journal stacks.
Enough said.  It just happens to be a topic that I feel strongly about.

Steve Murden
Va. Commonwealth University