barcoding serials Elena Romaniuk 13 Sep 1991 23:52 UTC

In those NOTIS libraries which barcode serials, what information is being
input in the enum/chron field: is it only the specific volume or year
information which is used in the call number on the individual piece? I
realize that this info can be used to produce labels, but as far as I know we
will not be doing that. Is the "midspine" field in the item record used to
identify the piece in more detail, particularly when only the volume number
goes into enum/chron? As an example: v.4 1987 of a directory is processed with
v.4 in call number, therefore v.4 goes in enum/chron and 1987 goes in midspine?

What information is input in each of these fields for individual issues of
periodicals which have to be barcoded?

I would really appreciate some feedback on what is being done, and what
consequences or problems have been experienced as a result of these
Elena Romaniuk University of Victoria Canada