Re: Annuals martha kellogg 14 Sep 1991 01:29 UTC

On Fri, 13 Sep 1991 08:48:34 CDT Don Samdahl said:
>In our OPAC we code annuals and periodicals differently and signs direct the
>patron to the appropriate floors for monographs and periodicals.  We code the
>annuals like monographs so the patron knows how they are being treated.  Our
>annuals are treated like monographs and are shelved with them and circulate lik
>e them.
At the Univeristy of Rhode Island annuals are treated as serials and shelved
in the bound serial stacks.  They are identified in the card catalog as serials
with a note to "See Serials List for volumes in Library." These titles are catl
oged once (until the title changes!) and checked in on the SC-10 serials system
.  We tend to treat as serials those titles LC treats as serials. Admitedly,
there is often a very tenuous difference between which are "serials" and which
are "monographs."  We find serial treatment generally to be easier in terms of
time and effort spent in cataloging.
Martha Kellogg
Serials Librarian
University of Rhode Island Library