BNA Award Nominations Sought RIEKEJL@VUCTRVAX.BITNET 14 Sep 1991 20:18 UTC

Apologies for double posting this announcement.

**Announcing the 1992 call for nominations for the BLACKWELL/NORTH AMERICAN

Purpose:  The Blackwell/North America Scholarship Award honors the author(s) of
the outstanding publication in the field of acquisitions, collection
development, and related areas of resources development in libraries.

Scholarship Amount:  A $2,000 scholarship is awarded by a U.S. or Canadian
Library School of the author's choice to a student concentrating in
acquisitions or collection development.

Minimum qualifications:  Publications from both 1990 and 1991 are eligible.
They may be monographs, articles, or original papers.  No reprints of earlier
publications are accepted.

Evaluation criteria include:
        Intellectual content (original, thought provoking),
        Practical value
        Theoretical value
        Presentation and style

Please send copies of the nominations along with a supporting statement by
December 1, 1991 to:
        Ellen Zyroff, Chair, BNA Scholarship Award Committee
        San Diego County Library
        5555 Overland Ave. Bldg. 15
        San Diego, CA 92123
        Telephone: 619-694-2484
        Fax: 619-495-5981