Annuals patricia sayre mccoy 16 Sep 1991 13:13 UTC

At the D'Angelo Law Library we treat true annuals as serials, because it
saves time for a cataloger to create one serial record for check-in, rather
than create one record a year for each annual publication.  They would all be
the same anyway, wouldn't they, as far as subject headings, classification,
etc.?  I don't think the students know the difference between monographs and
annuals treated as serials, nor do they seem to care.  If they can find it,
they're happy.  As a matter of fact, we are recataloging many titles that
were monographs as serials, and many of them are annual titles that we didn't
realize were serials.  We have the time and ability to do this now, and it
will save time in the future.
Pat Sayre McCoy
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