BARCODING/SUCCESSIVE ENTRIES Ruth Christ 319-335-5895 16 Sep 1991 13:56 UTC

   The University of Iowa is about to launch into a barcoding
project and would like to hear what other libraries (esp. NOTIS)
have done when faced with physical volumes which should be linked
to two titles due to a retrospective change to successive entry.
   When we recataloged unclassified titles to successive entry,
we split the volumes and had them rebound.  We did not do this
with the classified titles since the cataloging change did not
affect the shelving arrangement.  We also felt it was physically
hard on the materials.  Given our current budget we are reluctant
to rebind any more than necessary.
   We had been hoping that NOTIS would deal with the problems of
bound-withs and analytics by some sort of multiple linkage in
time to avoid the issue, but no such luck.  (At least it has been
getting some attention.)  Local proposals have included a "50% rule"
which would result in the item record being linked to the title
representing the majority of issues in the bound volume or just
arbitrarily linking to the later (or earlier) title in all cases.
   I would be interested in how other libraries have dealt with
this situation.
                                     Ruth Christ
                                     Serials Cataloging Unit Head
                                     University of Iowa Libraries